Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization

CAD/CAE  Design Technology for Reliability and Quality

Based on system specifications, the product or process characteristics can be analyzed and improved just in front of its prototype to satisfy all requirements from development, manufacturing, customer, services etc. Thus, an extremely high cost for product changing during design stage, the field test, manufacturing and usage can be saved. The time from the idea to the market-ready product will be reduced considerable. A high quality and reliability of the product is assured.


RheinMain University of Applied Sciences chooses OptiY A further German university chooes OptiY for research. It is a agreat evidence for strong propagation and aceptance of OptiY software in research and industry: 

Brunel University London uses OptiY in Research. It is a highly regarded London university and a great place of the world to study. Founded in 1966, it offers multitude of courses that combine excellence in research & teaching: